Heritage Stories of India

Richly Illustrated, Interactive, Deeply Researched, Playfully Presented – for all ages.

It’s fascinating to realize how culturally connected we are, and how much we are shaped by our shared histories.

Discovering the stories of our monuments, events, people, art, literature etc. can give us a delightful sense of belonging and wonderment.

We believe this awareness of our cultural journeys is crucial for the decision makers of tomorrow.

What if we could spark an interest, especially in the young, so they ‘see’ the heritage around them?

This is our intent. We trust they will make connections to their present lives, and seek answers.

Flashback Books

Our Champions

People who inspire us.  Mentor us. Believe in us.

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Lakshmi Kumar.  An education and development pioneer.  Someone who not only preaches but is an epitome of  “Locally rooted,Globally competent” education.  Her knowledge and support for history and heritage is inspiring.

Sujata Dharap.  Sujata Dharap. Acclaimed artist, deeply connected to local culture and heritage. She has mentored numerous children over the last 30 years. Her insights help us look at things differently.

Lalita Iyer.  Best seller author and journalist with an uncanny ability to connect to a child’s view of the world.  She is as “real” as you can get, with a good dose of humor.  Her belief in communities coming together energizes us to involve more contributors.

Our Team

Ulka Athale, Co- Author, Flashback: Pune

Paul Antony George, Illustrator, Flashback: Pune

Swati Namjoshi, Illustrator, Flashback: Cricket

Dantus Joseph, Tech Advisor

Uday Bhosale, Heritage Ambassador

Nikhita Sudan, Heritage Ambassador

Tania Kamath, Founder

Our Community; Our Strength

The many people who contribute time, knowledge, energy, resources to make things happen.

<Sudnya Athale> <Akanksha Damini Joshi> <Divya Tate> <Gaurita Ullal><Girish Rao > <Prithwiraj Ghorpade> < Satyajit Satbhai> <Sheeba Joseph><Shishir Athale> <Preeti Broker> <Sujata Kulkarni> <Sunny Narang> <Uma Panse> <Usha Varkey> <Vijender Sahu> <Vinita Ghorpade> <Maria Sitara><Sundarlal Sundaram>

Our Partners: Past & Present

Participating Schools

“It’s heartening to see initiatives like this taking shape.”

Rajeev Gupta, first donor to the Watering Can Foundation.

“A great idea to get kids interested in their roots”

Nishant Reddy, our ever enthusiastic cheer leader.


Hands-on-engagement sinks in deeper, so in a unique approach, we include young minds and hearts while making the books.

Filming, sketching after heritage walks

Our books have included video footage, sketches, research, feedback on content from students from 11 – 16 years. Schools in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai have participated in both book projects.

Workshops and activities enhance understanding

Events help showcase others passionate about heritage

Interviewing cricketers for Flashback Cricket research

Gift-A-School Initiative

Our effort to make heritage inclusive, is supported by patrons who believe every child must have access to creative learning resources.

Copies for schools in the Teach For India Network

20 schools in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai received Flashback: Cricket in 2019 and 4 schools in Pune received Flashback: Pune in 2017.

Anyone can chip in, at any point in time. We offer the books at a 30% discount and take on all costs of packing and shipping.

Flashback: Pune

In this bi-lingual book, with illustrations and activities, you get a sense of a 300 year old lifestyle – how people lived, where they worked, what they did for fun.

Flashback: Pune has the special feature of using the BooksPlus app or QR codes to access free videos as you read.

Edition 1, Feb 2017, launched at The Orchid School, Pune by Lalita Iyer, journalist and best selling author. 

Edition 2, Feb 2018, launched at MonaLisa Kalagram, Pune, by Sujata Dharap, Raju Sutar – acclaimed artists and Indutai, the oldest Punekar at 107 years.

Flashback: Cricket

Stories of Cricket and India intersect with lightly textured poetry and prose. Thought links can induce you to set off on multiple self directed explorations.

Arpil 2019, First Outing at the Lit Bug Fest in Pune


Learn about a gentle genius in this tribute to Pt. Firoz Dastur, a vocalist of Hindustani music. Readers get little insights into a rare role model for today’s times and can listen to clips of classical music and interviews.

Presented on 22nd September 2019, at Shat Pranam, and released at the Sawai Gandharva Mahotsav 2019 in honour of Dastur ji’s centenary year in the presence of Dastur ji’s senior disciples.

Thoughtful Recognition By Press

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